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Iguaz˙, in the north, between Brazil and Argentina 29.9.2003

Paraguay, El Rio Parana and Argentina.

Latitude, space and the high sky in the pampas.

White Horse, made in Argentina

Urbanisation takes place also in Argentina, but..

...squattering process continues by aboriginal people.

Representative of ethnic minority in the north, young new tobacco grower occupying in the forest.

Tobacco plantation in preparation. Smoking does not cause harm only for the health but also to the nature.

Commercial, legal logging ongoing in the natural secondary sub-tropical forest.

Extraction work in the practice.

Harvesting in planted eucalyptus forest. The growth is impressive (20-40 m3/y) with splendid quality characteristics when correctly handled.

"bridge over the troubled water", wooden eucalyptus bridge with 0.8 m span weighting only 517 grams but carrying load of 1600 kg!

"Mission impossible.."    EU-delegation in Chaco in Argentina.

An another view to Buenos Aires.

Recursos naturales; Steel conservation.

Recursos naturales; El ultimo? ....

... no; Nature conservation.

Vandals are disturbing traffic by blocking the roads.

Happy girls.

Important tourism. - Beautiful people.

Morning nutrition.


Mild erosion. When comes the next train..?

Quebrada, Jujuy

Beautiful Patagonia.

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